Seat Check/Air Gap Sensor Modules

Air Gap Sensor / Seat Check Sensors & Module


To ensure proper seating of job on a fixture and thus avoiding accidents, Improper machining, tool and job damage.

air gap sensor

The Solution – Air Gap Sensor

Working principal

Air Gap Sensors work on principal of back pressure sensing. Compressed air at 2 Kg is allowed to purge on butting places of job and fixture, through a 1.2 to 2 mm hole. Job is kept on the fixture and the back pressure is sensed by the sensor. In ideal conditions the back pressure is to be 2 Kg. This means there is no gap between the job surface and fixture. Improper machining or presence of foreign object will cause the air leakage and thus the reduction in back pressure. The same is sensed and the out put is given to PLC accordingly.

• Double set point
• Two PNP out puts
• Accuracy up to 20 microns
• With two meter connector cable as standard
• With inlet /outlet fitting
• Programmable set points
• Inlet pressure 2 bar
• Ideal for robotic applications
• Pass word protection for set points
• Over pressure up to 6 bar
• Digital display of pressure
• Supply voltage 24 VDC
• Visible LED indicators for individual out puts
• Easy setting with digital display

Air Gap Module

• Ready Module with two air gap sensors, regulator, solenoid valve, and terminal box and mounting plate, with all wiring and pneumatic connections done
• Single or double set point optional
• PNP out put
• Accuracy up to 20 / 30 micron as per sensor
• Easy to connect. Require one electrical and one pneumatic connection