CNC Machine Interfacing

Machine Interfacing

Advantages– Interfacing of a machine is done for achieving high quality of machining, reducing down timetime reduction, optimizing man hour utilization and achieving 100 % Safety.

machine interfacing

Features– A proper interfacing will ensureclamping pressure, proper seating and placement of job and a & safe operating of Machines..

GII has successfully carried out interfacing of various makes of CNC machines, like Fanuc Robodrill, Mazak, AMS, Brother, SHW, Makino, NTC machines etc.,with installation number more than 750 to our credits, in various parts of India,We have carried out interfacing work for machines where the hydraulic and pneumatic connections cannot be connected permanently. Both, hydraulic and pneumatic connections are removed after clamping and seat checking and arekept on a parking station. This will certifythat, job is clamped to required hydraulic pressure, proper seating of job and hoses are removed from fixture and kept on parking station. Necessary interfacing is carried out with the help of Custom PLC function of the machine. No external PLC is required.

The system comes with optional accessories like: (

  • Seat Check/Air Gap Sensor Modules
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Auto door arrangement
  • Coolant tank
  • Electrical accessories


  • Customer was extremely satisfied with the system and made it standard for all forth coming lines.
  • GI implemented 9 such systems at all facilities of BAL