Robotic Systems developed by GIIAS

Robotic Systems developed by GIIAS

GI India automation & System Pvt. LTD. is the “Preferred Channel Partner” for Universal Robots, Denmark.


With huge experience in design, manufacturing, interfacing and installation of various equipment’s in industries, backed with a strong team of design engineers, sensor experts and programmers,GIIAS can provide complete solution for Various Robotic applications.

GIIAS has successfully installed Robotic systems equipped with Pneumatic circuitry, electrical logic, electronic, Drives, PLC and ingenious design in accomplishing the tasks for different types of Industries with 100% success rate.

GIIAS has developed peripheral systems for machine tending applications in bothpharmaceutical and automobilesectors such as:

  • Turning.
  • Milling.
  • Grinding.
  • Hard Turn.
  • Hobbing, Honing.
  • Operations on VMC and HMC.
  • Pick and Place.
  • Packaging etc

Salient features of GIIAS systems–

  1. Different types of Conveyorsused for job movement as per requirement, accommodating both Input and Output jobs. (E.g.Gears, Shafts or other small components)
  2. Specially designed and manufacturedSlat conveyors, to cater to the requirement of accommodating variety of jobsat the same time.
  3. Bin Stacking De-stacking system developed to utilize vertical space to accommodate more jobs in available area.
  4. Input/output Job locating Trays.
  5. Interfacing solutions for various CNC machineswith peripheral equipment’s assureappropriate communication between the equipment’s and Robots, achieve optimum output and safe operation.
  6. POKAYOKE (Mistake proofing) systems using various sensors and electromechanical devices
  7. Control pendant comprising essential push buttons and switches.
  8. Electric control panel with required electrical components and wiring.
  9. Specially designed Gripper Fingers.
  10. 7th-Axis movement can be stated as an added feature of our systems, enhancing the span covered by robot arm, moving the robot on 7th axis.
  11. Service after Installation

The end customer gets the benefits of our experience in feasibility study, designing, manufacturing and installation at site for various material handling equipment’s.
The expertise in manufacturing of various types of conveying mechanism, Industrial lifts, Indexing precision conveyors help for finding solution for Robotic applications.

In short, our customer can get complete solution for Material input system, Output system, EOAT, Robotic Programming and teaching, Supportive PLC and electrical System under one roof.

We carry out Turnkey solutions for peculiar applications with Universal Robots as well as FANUC.

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