Applications with Universal Robots

About Universal Robots-Automate almost anything

Universal Robots nov 2010

Universal Robots nov 2010

  • Fast Set Up
  • Easy programming
  • Flexible deployment
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Fastest payback in the industry
  • Collaborative robots are within your reach

Advantages of 6 – Axis Universal Robots:

  1. No safety fencing required– The robotic arm is safe to use without safety fences. It complies with the ISO standard for Collaborative robots 10218-1:2006. The risk assessment always determines whether the Application is safe when loaded with EOAT.
  2. User-friendly software– The technology is accessible and available for everyone. You don’t require a costly technical person to operate, program and maintain the robot. This not only reduces the cost but reduces skill dependency and un-interrupted performance. The joint firmware is so designed, that you can teach the way points by pulling the tool to the location with one hand.
  3. Easy to move around -The robotic arm weighs a mere 18 KG for UR5 and 29 KG for UR10.When you want to move robot for one location to other this become very handy. Only one cable goes to robotic arm and one cable to controller. This will have a safe working area. Again at the time of change of location, it is very easy for electrical wiring.
  4. Low power consumption – It consumes a mere 350 watts with a typical program. This is a great advantage as far as the running costs are concerned.
  5. Fully loaded software -Both UR 5 and UR10 are loaded with full version of software like force control, palletizing, stack and de-stack, joints controls in linear, circles and jog etc.There is no hidden cost for additional software.