Vision Inspection Systems

Machine vision inspection systems are used in various industries for inspecting of components for size, shape, colour or for reading. Vision inspection reduces rejection level, improve quality and avoid unwanted breakdowns. We offer complete solution for the machine vision inspection.

Application-wise Vision Inspection Systems can be used for

  • Inspection with material handling
  • Different inspections with same camera
  • Automatic camera movement
  • Interfacing facility with existing systems
  • Automatic job movement through inspection area
  • Complete solution with material handling and PLC
vision inspection system

Vision Inspection Systems can be used for

  • Missing of components in assembly
  • Miss-alignment of components
  • Measuring of components
  • Sorting of components
  • Mixing of components
  • Good and bad analysis
  • Print verification
  • Bar code reading and character reading

For any other application we have facilities at our place to support vision sensing requirements.

Vision Lab

GI India has a machine Vision lab at its facility for the purpose of trials and demonstration, so that one can be watch his application requirement running, even before he places an order for Vision Inspection System. At our Vision lab, we have variety of light sources, lenses, cameras and software, so that the trials can be conducted seamlessly for your application requirement and provide with real inspection results. Here near operating condition is simulated of an application to minimize the problems at the later stage.

Machine vision components

Camera and Software

A self contained vision sensor with controller with various resolutions will ensure a cost effective and effective inspection. The camera does not requires PC to run the inspection, once the programming is completed. The software is capable of matching patterns, counting, measuring, gray scale reading, bar-code reading and character reading. The user-friendly software also allows inspections, in any orientation. Multiple inspection files can be stored in controller and can be called for inspection with a supporting PLC programming.

Light Sources

More than half of the inspection process is completed by selecting a proper light source. We have a large variety of light sources like ring light, area light, low angle light, back light, spot light, laser beams and many more.
Variety of colour in light source, light filters and strobe light are also offered as per the requirement of the


“C” mount lenses, megapixel lenses, lenses with focal lock and telecentic lenses are used as per the requirement of a particular application.