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‘Automation’ – The word that first instigates a thought: ‘Something Expensive, Something out of our budget’. Hold your thoughts there, and let us welcome you to GI India Automation Systems Pvt Ltd, a place for simple and affordable automation systems. Be it conveying system, be it robotics or be it machine interfacing we are there to help you out. GI India Automation is a company working in area of industrial automation systems which primarily includes ‘Material Handling Systems’, ‘Robotics’ and allied products. GI has a client base spread all over India including automobile giants like Bajaj Auto Ltd, reputed players in Optics like ‘Aurolab’, ‘Biotech’ and many more. We have built a number of pneumatic and PLC panels as per the requirement of the end user. We have catered to various IOL manufacturers using Universal Robots Vision systems are developed for presence of components, measurement of components etc. We have also developed a number of complete systems to suit the customer requirements. We hope you will find our company suitable to your requirements.

Robotic Systems

GI India has successfully installed robotic systems in different types of industries with 100% success rate. The number of installations in very short span of time explains our capabilities. Our customers can get complete solution for Material input system, Output system, EOAT, Robotic Programming and teaching, Supportive PLC and electrical system under one roof. We give out Turnkeycustomised solutions’.

Material Handling Systems

At GI we have an expertise of over 20 years in providing customized solutions in material handling for the end customer applications.

The range of products and solutions include–Different types of conveyors, Industrial lifts, belt type conveyors, plastic belt type conveyors, gravity conveyors, roller conveyors, POP up arrangements, double decker conveyor,auto lading arrangement, Pick and Place Systems, Bin/Job container Stacker-De-stacker system etc.

CNC Machine Interfacing

Interfacing of a machine is done for achieving high quality of machining, reducing down time, optimizing man hour utilization and avoiding accidents. A proper interfacing will ensure the clamping pressure, proper seating and placement of job and a clean & safe working environment. GI India automation & Systems Pvt. Ltd., has successfully carried out interfacing of hundreds of various makes of CNC machines.

Vision Inspection Systems

Machine vision inspection systems are used in various industries for inspecting components for size, shape, colour or for reading. Vision inspection reduces rejection level, improve quality and avoid unwanted breakdowns.
We at GI India Automation & Systems Pvt. Ltd. Offer complete solution for machine vision inspection.

Seat Check/Air Catch Sensor modules

Seat Check Sensor module assures precise ‘Seating’ of jobs on resting pads of the fixture before machining and are properly interlocked with machines to give highest quality standards of Machining.

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